Maximum Security

Integrate HIGOAL smart home with the alarm system

The HIGOAL system easily interfaces with the alarm system, without requiring a special protocol.


Integrated with an alarm system/sensors, HIGOAL alleviates worry and enables the smart home to function according to warning scenarios.


HIGOAL provides peace of mind when you leave the house for work, when on vacation or when only the children are at home.

Get to know the possibilities

Movement Sensors in the Rooms

A movement sensor is built into the operating panel. The concealed movement sensor that is built into the smart panel enables you to expand the existing alarm system

System Integration

Turning on/turning off/tampering with the alarm system will activate pre-defined scenarios in the HIGOAL system. A command from the alarm system will manage the lights/blinds/air conditioning and more according to the scenarios defined for the alarm system

Connect External Sensors

HIGOAL enables you to connect external sensors – movement, fire, gas, etc. Integrating external sensors improves safety and security when you are at home and/or when you are away or on vacation

Water Damage

A flood sensor will detect water damage and the HIGOAL system will transmit a command to turn off the water supply, and if needed will activate additional systems such as cutting off the power supply, and even notify the user

There is no Smoke without Fire

When a HIGOAL sensor detects smoke, it will activate a warning and the relevant scenario. The HIGOAL smart system has many benefits in case of smoke or fire, controlling a range of electrical devices and issuing a warning

Vacation without Worry

No one has to know you are on vacation. The HIGOAL system will activate the “Vacation” scenario, so that looks as if there are people at home, while at the same time keeping the house closed and locked

HIGOAL  for maximum security

HIGOAL  – your home’s “technological gatekeeper”

“Our home is our fortress” – we all want to feel as safe as possible at home. The HIGOAL advanced smart activation toolkit provides tools for full control of security measures that afford optimal protection.

An integral part of HIGOAL smart home system customization is full control of the security system and maximum security from any place, at any time. 

The system is equipped with an impressive range of command and control features in one smart system. 


Control the security system – “feel at home without being at home”

The HIGOAL system can interface with the home security systems. When the security system detects a break in, in addition to issuing an alert the HIGOAL smart home system will turn on the lights around the house and at the entrance in order to scare away unwanted visitors. It can also time turn on the lights, music, the television, whether or not you are at home, thus indicating to the burglar that there are people at home and the house is not empty.

Close monitoring – close oversight

HIGOAL is equipped with sensors that detect the movement of any object that passes in front of them, and warns of activity according to pre-defined scenarios, all to continuously monitor movement and detect suspicious activity.

HIGOAL can interface with third-party security systems, offering the benefits of synergy between the systems and maximizing the home security envelope. 

Don’t let anyone or anything violate your privacy

Use the HIGOAL system to ensure the most effective safety and security. 

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