HIGOAL system for a stylishly designed home

When planning and designing an advanced new home it is important to consider installing a smart home system to manage the various systems electrical systems, that will positively impact the quality, convenience and comfort of life in the new home. 

The smart home system, with its modern and innovative design and advanced technology, will upgrade the look of the entire interior and residential space.

With the HIGOAL technology  your home is both interactive and stylish. 

The numerous electrical devices in the modern home require one system that will simplify their use.  For example, in the living room alone there are numerous products and devices for television and audio use. With the smart home you can easily conceal these products and simplify their operation. 


The HIGOAL system is a prestigious, innovative and advanced solution.

The system’s most significant added value in planning the house is saving on the number of mechanical electricity switches and electricity points. This is achieved through smart and decorative panels, that consolidate the many functions and even enable remote operation. activating scenarios in the residential environment when the user is not at home, and all without the need for a “central brain” to coordinate and manage the different functions.

The HIGOAL panel that is installed on the wall is made of high-quality material, and the floating design with its clean and modern look blends into and upgrades the space in which it is installed, creating a prestigious  stylish look. 

When design and technology meet.

The HIGOAL panel displays a different indicator for the various operating states and functions of every switch on the panel,  providing ease of use and user-friendly operation.

The indicators on the panels are displayed by color switches and icons that enable the user to visually distinguish between the different operating states, for example on/off state, scenario switch, replication switch, and additional uses defined by the user, all for a convenient and  easy user experience. 

The lighting display of the  switches and their innovative design add an advanced  high-tech look.

Self-Adjusting Lighting 

An in-built movement sensor in every panel enables selected activation (lighting, blinds, scenario…) according to movement or lack of movement in the room. Lighting can also be set so that it will automatically turn on to compliment the room, highlight selected objects and create an impressive effect in the living space. 

The pre-defined automatic scenarios also affect the interior look of the room – raising or lowering the blinds depending on the desired look or at a pre-defined time (enabling natural sunlight to enter or creating an intimate atmosphere), adding to the desired ambience and  feeling in the internal space each time anew, as well as an organized and attractive design.

Lighting is a central component  in designing a home, and with the HIGOAL smart home system you can activate the desired lighting scenario with one simple click.  

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