Advantages of the HIGOAL Multi Smart Panel

Simple Installation

Quick and easy installation based on the existing electricity infrastructure. One identical box for every operation panel.

Manually Define Panel Settings

Pre-defining the settings for the HIGOAL switches is simple and easy, performed manually, and does not require special prior knowledge.

One Panel for Everything

The HIGOAL panel is an independent unit with multi-purpose activation for every switch, including lights, blinds, replication, momentary, scenarios, infra and more.

Get to know the possibilities

Multi – Purpose Panel

All operation options in one panel. In-built movement sensor, scenarios, infra, lighting, blinds, dimmer, replication, timer. A smart panel with up to 8 activations and 6 outputs

Quick and Easy Installation

No need for advance planning or changes. The HIGOAL panel can be installed using the existing electricity infrastructure. No need for a central unit in the electricity board and/or the communication board

Customized Specification

Manually define the activation and use of each operation switch – no need for a computer or an application. Learning to operate the panel and connect it to the server/application is quick, easy and simple

Set your own Definitions

Switches and scenarios are defined at the end user level and do not require a computer

Smart Sensors

A movement sensor and a proximity senor are built into the operating panel. The movement sensor activates movement-based scenarios. The proximity sensor activates lighting of the panel display when proximity to the panel is detected

In-Built Scenario Selector

Micro-switches in every operating panel enable you to define activation scenarios for every channel. The operating panel has changing outputs for the specific connected user. There is no need for a dedicated panel for each user type

Independent System

Every HIGOAL device is independent and can also “talk” to the other devices, without depending on a central controller or the need for a management unit in the electricity board or the communication board. The system operates with a standard home router

Always Updated

All HIGOAL system devices have in-built FOTA (Firmware Over-The-Air) technology. The devices are updated continuously with every new system version, so that they are always up-to-date with the new features and solutions

DIY- Switch Design Customization

A smart home is a dynamic system, which means that sometimes changes need to be made to the operating switches. HIGOAL developed a unique solution – to affix icon stickers on the panel glass. 130 icons and a template for affixing the icons are provided for every panel. Comment: place a picture of the icon stickers here

All functions in one panel

All the smart home options in a smart multi-purpose control panel – a unique HIGOAL  development known as the MULTI SMART PANEL.

Nothing is simpler or easier that controlling your home electricity consumption. With the HIGOAL MULTI SMART PANEL all the advanced functions are located in one place!

An advanced touch panel and the other HIGOAL products enable command and control of lights, blinds, scenarios, air conditioning and security systems, and all with quick and simple installation and without the need for a special infrastructure. 

The HIGOAL smart home system includes a user-friendly intuitive interface for customized operation of a ranges of uses. 


Simple Installation

Installing the HIGOAL system does not require a special infrastructure – the panel can be installed on the existing electricity infrastructure.

The system can be installed by a certified electrician. 


Customized personal settings

Defining and setting the features of the operating switches and the scenarios is performed at the end-user level on the panel itself: define the functions of each switch, replicate/copy switches, define scenarios, automatic activation of systems based on sensors and synchronization between them. There are “DIP switch” mini-switches on the HIGOAL panel, that with a simple change you can define the panel switches to control lighting, dimmer (by adding a device) and blinds. The DIP switch capabilities enable the HIGOAL panel to integrate a range of functions into one panel, without the need for a dedicated panel for different types of functions. At the same time the smart switches on the HIGOAL panel are used for scenarios, replicating switches and operating third-party systems – providing the perfect panel for a wide range of projects. 


Smart sensors built into the panels

The variety of HIGOAL panels include in-built sensors that automatically respond to movement and lack of movement according to the user’s definition.

A movement sensor activates everything we define when movement or lack of movement are detected.

A proximity sensor activates the panel lighting when proximity to the panel is detected. 


Choose the Scenarios

Define scenarios among the different HIGOAL panels, without the need for a dedicated scenario panel and/or a central controller – “central brain”.

For example, click the entrance scenario switch to turn on the hallway lights, raise the blinds in the living room, play music from the stereo system and in the summer turn on the air conditioner set at 24° C.


Update Activation Status

The panel system displays distinct color-based indicators – both an auditory indicator and a visual display, so that at any given time the user knows the status of the panel and the switches.


Separate lighting indicator for every operating switch scenario: enabled, disconnected, replicated, scenario, momentary.

Separate lighting indicator for every scenario on the smart panel: connected, disconnected from the home network, locked, version update, etc. 


Safe operation

The panel is set to the security scenario and to immediately turning on the pre-defined lighting points in the event of a power outage. 


Lock panel

It is easy and simple to lock the HIGOAL panel in order to prevent unwanted operation, such as opening the blinds in the children’s rooms when there is no adult at home. 



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