All the possibilities of a smart home in an intelligent and multifunctional control panel – A unique development of HIGOAL


Nothing is easier or more convenient than controlling your home’s electrical consumption, with a HIGOAL Smart Panel – All of the most advanced functions in one place!

An advanced touch panel, offers command and control over lighting, blinds, scenarios, air-conditioning and security systems, all after a quick and simple installation, without the need for special infrastructure.

The panel includes a friendly interactive interface with independent use and actions in a variety of fields.


Simple Installation

 Panel installation requires no special infrastructure and may be installed on the existing electrical infrastructure by any certified electrician.


Create your own personal settings

Define and characterize the activation buttons and various scenarios, on your own, on the panel itself: Define the actions of each button, replicate/copy buttons, define scenarios, automatic activation of the various systems based upon sensors and synchronicity between them.


Smart Panel

Each panel includes a series of sensors that respond automatically:

  •  A movement sensor activates whatever we define it to do, due to the detection of movement.
  •  A proximity sensor activates the control panel when identifying something in proximity of the panel.


Advanced Buttons

The panel includes a momentary button mode option to dim lighting (dimmer), and an engine operation mode (raising/lowering parking gate, etc.).

Allows touch activation of any button from various and multiple locations throughout the building, even though they lack any electrical connection between them.

Ten ‘Dipswitch’ micro-switches allow the customer or the installer to define different characteristics for selected buttons, without having to replace the panel.


Choose Your Scenarios

HIGOAL smart panels allow the customer to define the scenarios between various panels without the need for a designated scenario panel, for example: One press on the entrance scenario turns on the hallway lights, raises the blinds in the living room, plays music from the stereo system and during the summer turns on the air-conditioner at a comfortable 24° C.


Update Action Status

The panel system delivers and updates distinct indicators- both audio and visual displays according to color indicator, so that at any given moment, you will know the status of the panel and the buttons.

*Illuminated indicators exist for each mode activation button: Enabled, disconnected, replicated, scenario, momentary.

*Illuminated indicators exist for each of the smart panel modes: Connected or disconnected from the home network, locked and updating version, etc.


Safe Activation

 In the event of a power outage, the panel directs activity to a safety mode and operates a number of pre-defined lighting fixtures, immediately following restoration of power.


Stylish design

The wall panel excels in a prestigious, clean and modern design, characterized by high-resolution, sharp display and fits well into any home.

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