HIGOAL integration with (additional) systems

integration with (additional) systems

The sky is the limit

With HIGOAL, you can upgrade each existing system to a “smart” system.

External sensors

Can connect multiple individual sensors, with the ability to interface with scenarios, and autonomous operation.

Alarm system

HIGOAL provides peace of mind when you leave the house for work, when on vacation or when only the children are at home.

Get to know the possibilities

Interfacing with a third party system

Continuing technological development, HIGOAL rigorously develops and interfaces with a variety of companies and solutions to give you an innovative and advanced living experience

Connect to any existing system

The HIGOAL system is adaptable to various levels of technology, and in order to give the user maximum freedom, we developed solutions to “dry touch” connections, which allow HIGOAL to integrate with a vast array of products available in the market.

Interfacing with home systems

The HIGOAL system, with a variety of technological solutions, can connect to any “dumb” home system. From opening the front gate to turning on the lights, HIGOAL acts as a watering system, turns on the television, air-conditioning and heat, sub-floor heaters, and even boils water in an electric kettle, and more

Integration with a variety of systems allows for the creation of an unbeatable system.

It is with deep thought that we at HIGOAL have chosen not to constrain our customers, and to give them the ability to connect just about any system they have at home to the HIGOAL smart home system, and this is beyond the technological connections that we already do for you..


You left your house and turned on the alarm – great! With ease you can integrate two systems, so that when you activate the alarm, HIGOAL will turn off the lights in the house, turn off the air conditioning and heating units, lower the shutters/curtains, and prepare the house for your quiet exit.


You wisely connected the watering system to HIGOAL, set it to automatically water the garden – well done!  Using “dry touch” entry built into the panel, you can connect a sensor that detects whether or not the ground is dry, and accordingly runs the appropriate timed scenario.

The ground is already wet naturally (because it rained), great! – the system won’t turn on the sprinklers as scheduled for that day. 


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