I want my home to be Smart

my smart home

Easy control

HIGOAL systems allow you to manage and control your electrical appliances at home quickly and easily.

Correct management

With HIGOAL, you can monitor the situation at home at any time and receive information regarding electricity consumption.

Everything in one place

When the appliances are all connected on one smart system, access, management, and information are clear and easy.

Get to know the possibilities

The whole house on an app

Advanced technological enjoyment doesn’t require buying new appliances. The HIGOAL system functions as a management system for existing appliances. Turn on the air-conditioning from the road, ensure that the lights and oven are off, even after you’ve left the house, and many, many other functions.

My home is more comfortable

Many appliances, light, air-conditioning systems and remotes for all kinds of things, make daily life harder. With HIGOAL, with a click or a pre-set, all defined appliances will operate as programmed. Scenarios are defined at the level of each user: entry, exit, guests, morning, evening . Any scenario you choose

Enjoy waking up each morning

Walk into the living room and light is peeking in through the blinds, the coffee maker warm, morning music in the background, the air-conditioner cooling the space. That’s how I want my mornings

Leaving the house

With HIGOAL, there is no need to turn off the appliances every time you leave the house. With a quick setting of an “exit scenario,” the HIGOAL system acts on everything defined, every time you leave the house

From a regular house to a genius house

With HIGOAL, it’s simple and easy to turn any house into a smart house, without any need for planning, and based on the existing electrical system. HIGOAL allows you to upgrade any house to a smart house, and enjoy the smart living experience

It’s simple to turn any house into a smart house, without the need to deal with special preparations and without the need to pre-plan the systems. With HIGOAL, anyone can turn their house into a smart house.

HIGOAL brings you advanced technology with the advantages that make daily chores more comfortable, even autonomous, and even interface with your existing systems, even if your appliances are not new.


Full home customization to the requirements of those who live there.

In an age where everything is dynamic, it’s inconceivable that our home remain exactly the same as it was when we first moved into it. Life changes, and with our smart home, we can customize our house to our life, to create ambiance scenarios with ease, to connect to a variety of systems for simple, comfortable control, even while on a dream vacation.


One of the things that interests us at HIGOAL in the smart home field is the ability to transform a house from “dumb” to smart in stages.

HIGOAL offers smart solutions for a range products in the home, from lighting, air-conditioning, sprinklers, and even integrates with security systems. There is no requirement or obligation to do everything at once, and you can make the transformation one room at a time. For example, turning the “public” space in the home (like the kitchen, living room, or yard) into smart parts of the home, and afterwards moving into the private rooms. Our products were developed with the ability to work independently, with no dependence on a “main brain” – main control panel that centralizes the communication among the appliances.

HIGOAL intracommunicates with itself via a home WIFI connection, so it's easy to add a smart device at any point in the house.

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