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Advanced controller for intelligent and convenient control

over infrared controlled products

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HIGOAL iR Datasheet
  • Dimensions
  • Specifications
  • info

Depth: 125 mm

Width: 148 mm

Height: 28mm

Working voltage:

5v DC.

360° infrared transmitters

What’s in the box?

  • External infrared eyepiece for send ir commands (allows the transmission of infrared commands while the product installed in a cabinet).
  • External infrared eyepiece receiver (allows you to receive infrared commands while the product installed in the cabinet).
  • Quick guide to installation and use.
  • A pin to set a scan mode.


Transmit infrared codes to 360 degrees.

Transmission & Receiver input for external infrared eyepieces (Comes with the product).

A remote control library (from the HIGOAL cloud),
saves a lot of time instead of recording the infrared commands independently.
Control infrared commands through HIGOAL smart panels and App.

Network line entry.

Control over:

  • Air-conditioning,
  • TV
  • Amplifier
  • Cable TV
  • Projector

Allows IR scenarios by performing multiple. commands at the same time


Of course, the HIGOAL IR controller is normal, but can not be controlled through the application.

No, the controller remembers the settings, commands and functions as before the power cut

In the application, enter into the panel above the listed version number, and in the event that an update icon appears, you can update the software to its latest version.

In the app, you enter the specific product, above which is the version number, and if an update mark appears next to it, you can click and update to the latest version

It is possible to define that each time the "Exit" scenario is activated, the system will turn off the lights and the controller will ensure that the air conditioner is turned off and turned off for other devices that work in infrared communication

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