User permissions

User permissions, projects, languages, and vast information about the status of the system/devices.


System definitions, many smart activation and use features- all via the app.

User friendly

The application is easy for anyone to operate.

Get to know the possibilities

Turn on from any place at any time

Turn on from any place at any time Control and manage the system from any place, from home and/or remotely, at your initiative or automatically. Easy day to day management of electrical systems and the residential experience and ambience

Simple and comfortable

We understand that there are people who like the old technology. The HIGOAL application was developed to be extremely comfortable and user friendly, without reducing the options available to the user

The information is right in front of your eyes

Clear presentation of the screen and app pages. Experience in real time the status of the system and appliances, comfortable and clear browsing

User designed

Clear presentation of the application on screen and app pages. The user defines each room and location of the appliances. Version updates performed by the user. Icon design for each appliance, pictures for each room, for each scenario, scenario creation, real time status monitoring

Define and program by yourself

Program the smart home system quickly and easily. Defined according to the user’s needs. Full control from anywhere, anytime

Creating scenarios

You can define specific preferences, set and time scenarios manually or have them pre-set, so your house can run according to your lifestyle

Real time monitoring

A quick glance at the application shows you the status of the appliances at home. Keep track of electricity consumption for efficient consumption and long term savings

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