HIGOAL App – A Friendly and Convenient Application for Remote Control


Today it is easier than ever to program your smart home and adapt it to the user’s needs.
The HIGOAL application is convenient and simple to operate. It enables the user full control and management of the power consumption of his home appliances at any time, from anywhere, fast and easy.
The technological solution for every cellular device and tablet.


Personal Adaptation:
It is possible to define specific preferences, determine and schedule pre-set automatic scenarios that enable the home to operate in a manner compatible with the lifestyle of its residents; for example, heating water (electric boiler) at a set hour, turning on the air-conditioner combined with raising the blinds, turning off lights every evening and preferred ambience scenarios, all these are no longer complicated to achieve with the HIGOAL system.


Real-Time Indicators:
Did you forget to turn off the air-conditioner, turn on the alarm, or what about the lights? A quick glance at your application will show the consumption status at home. In addition, the app will provide a report detailing the schedule for each scenario, monitor habits, electrical consumption and offer recommendations that will help in achieving long-term energy efficiency and financial savings.
You’ve got someone watching over your home.


Complete Control:

The application grants you absolute remote control over your home, without the need for your physical presence, including turning on/off a variety of systems in the home – audio/visual, security and climate control, as well as control over groups of home appliances, large and small alike.


Operation is Simple – Manage it on Your Own:

There is no need for any technological knowledge or advanced acquaintance with smart home platforms.
The app is characterized by an intuitive user interface, clear, colorful menus and includes precise instructions concerning the use of the application and the system.


Feel Secure – State of the Art Security Management:
The application operates under a high information security standard. It is possible to define authorizations and classify users, when all of the system’s settings are protected under your individual cloud-based user code and cannot be lost.


Automatic Updates:
The application includes a real-time report mechanism with each new system update. Furthermore, messages are sent concerning benefits, useful suggestions and exclusive special offers to users of the HIGOAL application.

Now is the time to take that one step forward to upgrade and take command of your home.

The ultimate pathway for remote home management begins with the HIGOAL application

Download and operate at no additional charge:

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