The HIGOAL 2B is smart panel with 8 operating buttons

The convenient way to connect to third-party systems

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HIGOAL 2B Datasheet
  • Dimensions
  • Specifications
  • info

Deep: 46.50 (millimeter)

Width: 131.17 (millimeter)

Height: 85.57 (millimeter)​

Working voltage:


What’s in the box?

Quick guide to installation and use.

A pin to change the status of switches

A connector that allows the connection of electrical wires in a

simpler and more convenient way

The convenient way to connect to third-party systems.

The smartest and most cost-effective solution.

Fast and convenient connection to alarm systems and sensors.

8 Functions:

  • 2 Outputs- 10Ah each.
  • 6 Smart Buttons (For scenarios).


Dry contacts (Built-in):

  • 8 Dry contacts input (Works in parallel with buttons on the panel).

Multi-purpose use – by self-selection on each button:

  • Lights
  • Scenarios
  • Duplicated
  • Motion & Proximity sensor
  • Energy metering
  • The panel version is always up-to-date with an application (FOTA)


Yes, the panel will work as usual; however, control through the application will not be possible.

No, the panel remembers the buttons’ settings and functions in the same manner as prior to the disruption of power

In the application, enter into the panel above the listed version number, and in the event that an update icon appears, you can update the software to its latest version.

No, after the panel is installed, you can set and program each button as you wish, feel free to us the user guide on our website that comes with the product.

The HIGOAL panel comes with a built-in current consumption meter that reports the electrical consumption in the particular panel to the application, including an analysis of uses and lifestyle patterns in the home. From today, you can know precisely what you are consuming electricity on, and how you can become more efficient in accordance with optimal energy consumption.
Additionally, you will be able to define, program and set on/off operational settings of various electric appliances by remote access, from essentially anywhere, and thereby prevent continued operation of devices that you might have forgotten to turn off when leaving your house.

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