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Benefits of Savings

Electricity Energy Savings

The HIGOAL system displays electricity consumption for every electrical device and enables energy management.

Time Management

Every user schedules operation that in addition to convenience enables efficient management and provides cost savings.

Electricity Infrastructure Savings

The HIGOAL system enables activation of any electrical device from any place based on the existing infrastructure.

Get to know the possibilities

Save Money and Energy

HIGOAL smart home technology significantly reduces electricity costs and consumption. Individually customized scenarios, remote control and smart energy management all contribute to reduced costs

Scenarios and Scheduled Activation

With the HIGOAL system, even if you forget to turn electrical devices on or off the pre-defined scenarios will automatically manage electrical devices and electricity consumption. Create the desired ambience by defining the operation of lighting, blinds, audio and air conditioning systems just like you want them

HIGOAL - everywhere in the home

In the rooms, shower, living room, study and even the garden. The HIGOAL system can be customized for every residential space. Appropriate energy consumption management will maximize energetic efficiency and provide a unique user experience, all through a multi-smart panel with a stylish modern design

Enter/exit/good evening/good morning

The HIGOAL system will manage energy consumption and electricity-based systems even if they are not smart devices, customized to the user’s needs. Morning and evening, when leaving and entering the house, the system will turn electrical devices on/off and manage electricity consumption

Inbuilt movement sensor

The movement sensor that is built into the HIGOAL panels turn on the lights when someone enters the room, and turns them off when there is no movement in the room

The HIGOAL system is a winning combination of energetic savings and environmental protection – energy conservation and electricity savings.

Electrical appliances constitute a key component of overall home electricity consumption, and make up a significant share of monthly expenses.

Energy consumption can be markedly reduced through smart home technology command and control. The HIGOAL system enables energetic savings by defining automatic operation.

Pre-scheduled operation – no need to remember to turn off electrical appliances

The system is pre-scheduled to turn off and on at pre-set times, for example a garden watering system set to operate according to a pre-defined schedule.

Electrical devices only operate based on need for a pre-scheduled period of time based when the residents are at home or before they come home, and all determined in advance. For example – turn on the hot water boiler or the air conditioning systems to cool or heat the house before coming home or when at home, and turning off electrical  devices when leaving home. 

Achieve continuous energy conservation by defining fixed temperatures for certain hours during the day or depending on specific climate conditions, etc.

No need to manually turn on or off individual switches separately in every room – instead, control all electrical switches through one single panel. 


Control lighting energy  consumption – automatically turn lights on and off

The advanced movement sensor installed in the HIGOAL panel enables users to quickly and easily perform a wide range of operations defined for the panel switches (lighting, blinds, scenarios, etc.) activated by movement detection.

A movement sensor is ideal for hallways, open spaces, bedrooms, laundry rooms and offices in which there is no continuous activity, and many times users do not turn off the lights and the air conditioning when they leave the room for a short period of time. 


Manage what can be measured

The HIGOAL panel includes a power consumption meter that transmits electricity consumption data from the panel to the application which displays the information, including analysis of usage patterns.

Starting today you will know exactly when, where and for what you consume electricity, and how you can increase usage efficiency for optimal energy consumption. 


Control electricity even when you are not at home

Through the HIGOAL application you can remotely define, program and schedule activation of electrical devices, at any time and from any place. Plan and program home electricity consumption according to the individual needs of  family members in order to save more money over time, and all while contributing to a positive environmental impact .

A smart garden with HIGOAL

HIGOAL increases energy efficiency not only inside the house but also in the garden. Before the system automatically activates the garden watering system it will check whether the soil is wet (because it rained), and whether there is a real need to water the garden at the scheduled time. 

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