D.I.Y – Easy to use

Maximum Security

100% independence

In the HIGOAL system, only the user determines what the scenarios will do and when, easy set-up

Icons of your choice

Anyone chooses easily the icon that suits them.

User permissions

Use of a smart home is different between parent and child, so permissions can be shared as needed

Get to know the possibilities

The control is in your hands

A home is a personal place, a real smart home is a system with a wide range of capabilities, the wisdom of HIGOAL that only you decide what will happen to your home, no dependencies of a central controller or professional to set up the system and the changes

A variety of icons to choose from

Smart House is a dynamic system that grows with us, as we change the room design over the years also the options of the HIGOAL panel can be changed and adjusted to the appropriate icon for the same operation or scenario

Connecting a variety of external sensors

With HIGOAL's unique characterization, you can connect a variety of sensors and create the unique scenarios you've always dreamed of. For example, irrigation will not run automatically on rain and wet soil

As part of the characterization and development of the HIGOAL system, we emphasized giving users the full capabilities to create the scenarios and settings you always wanted. The ability to adapt the system to the needs of every home. It is very clear to us that we are all different in thoughts, desires, desires and dreams, everyone wants the system to do different things, so we have created a smart system that has all the settings at a user level, you set everything you want and don't need a professional to make changes..

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