HIGOAL App - A Friendly and Convenient Application for Remote Control Today it is easier than ever to program your smart home and adapt it to the user’s needs.


Don't Fall Behind – Move On to a HIGOAL Smart Home Today! A quick and simple user-friendly technological platform


All the possibilities of a smart home in an intelligent and multifunctional control panel

The Company

The HIGOAL Group Company is an innovative and ground-breaking leader in the field of smart home systems, with some 25 years of experience in the fields of electricity and electronics, specializing in wired and wireless smart home systems.

The HIGOAL Group Smart Home System serving as an intelligent activation system and foundation for an IOT interface is a development of the Israeli hi-tech industry. The system was designed and characterized by the company’s engineers, based upon many years of extensive accumulated knowledge and experience as well as the ability to concentrate on the market’s needs and demands, while operating within a stringent set of production and quality control processes.

HIGOAL Group Smart Home products are installed in residential homes and apartment buildings, offices, schools, hotels, public institutions, hospitals, event and commercial real estate venues


Boaz Saar

Owner and Chairman

App Skills

Power saving

Smart home is HIGOAL

In an era of advanced technology, residence, and office areas variable without recognition, Smart home system users looking to stay up to date, without compromise on comfort controlling and simple operation.

HIGOAL system developed by the point of user comfort, allow self and intuitive programming to require action, saving control on energy expenses, as well as self-design for the smart panel.

HIGOAL will not leave you behind, HIGOAL technology continues to update at all times, opens to the user new world of inventiveness and availability, and bring smart home experiences to perfection

נגן וידאו

HIGOAL is suitable for anywhere in the house

System for the Designer Home

Today, when planning and designing a new, modern home, there is room to consider

for Savings

The HIGOAL system is a winning combination of energy savings and environmental quality

for Maximum Security

My Home is My Fortress Everyone wants to feel as safe as possible

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