Don’t Fall Behind – Move On to a HIGOAL Smart Home Today!

A quick and simple user-friendly technological platform that enables every home to become an innovative and smart residential environment.

The Smart Home Wi-Fi system developed by HIGOAL can be integrated into any structure, without requiring any dedicated architectural planning, based upon the existing electrical infrastructure, without the need for a central circuit box, special switches or sensors.

There is time and money to be saved by those interested in upgrading their home, while avoiding the need to prepare a unique electrical infrastructure and choosing to begin enjoying the experience of a technologically advanced home.


Every house can become a HIGOAL Home

The home’s existing standard electrical infrastructure serves as the foundation for system installation. Any certified electrician can quickly and safely execute this installation without the need for special training or advanced knowledge.


The control is in your hands

From the moment of installation, HIGOAL grants you full autonomous control of all of the home’s electrical systems – lighting, security, climate control, communications and media systems – all without dependency upon computers or technicians. Operation is executed through the use of panels or a mobile application.  HIGOAL connects immediately to the home Internet network, after which it allows you to enjoy the comfort of an automated home.

Personal Planning

Our system offers a convenient configuration that enables users to define individually adapted scenarios, timing quadrants and stipulations through the use of buttons on the control panel.
The platform responds to occupants’ needs including advanced self-programming characteristics in a user-friendly interface: Panel Lock (Prevents children from playing with the system or accidental activation on the Sabbath or holidays in religiously observant homes) and enables the creation of life-style scenarios, including Sabbath scenarios.

Automatic Renewal

The system remains constantly updated since the user can update through the application to the most current and up to date program version. In addition, the system is built in such a way as to restore full home functionality following any power failure or disruption of internet service.


Help at the Click of a Button

HIGOAL provides its customers with a full range of technical assistance, guidance and consultative services through its website, by telephone and social networking tools.

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